Are we now American?

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Animals are Earthlings too.

Digirame wrote:

We are Earthlings of one single human race...we can marry and have children with each other...we are all one people. So, why can't we all get along; just take photos and be happy?

Because some have morality, some do not, some have religion, some do not, some have communism, some have freedom, some have plentiful resources, some do not, some have wealth, some do not, some have good looks and/or intelligence and/or talent, some do not, some are of lighter color, some are of darker, some choose the same sex, some choose the opposite.

Throwing a blanket over everyone and calling us earthlings and saying we can get along is like throwing a blanket over all the animals and calling them animals and saying they should all get along, the problem is they fight for resources and they kill and eat each other, how much more different and complex are humans over animals.

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