Nikon's biggest advantage over competition...

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Re: Nikon's biggest advantage over competition...

I would rather say Nikon would have a much smaller piece of the market by now if they gave up F-mount.

For one reason alone : Nikon's always slow in adapting new technology, and is always behind the major competitors in everything that's more electronics than optics : Canon has a good lead on Nikon on wide-spread adoption of USM/AF-S, IS/VR, full-frame sensors, and more recently 1080p video.

In the few years that Canon has low-noise FF and Nikon doesn't, Nikon's prestige and reputation from the film era had a major hand in keeping a good bulk of their customers.  Let go a big part of that legacy and I doubt Nikon would make enough money to even maintain the R&D of the D3 series between 2002-2007. They might end up becoming what Pentax is nowadays.

Theodoros Fotometria wrote: that they retained the F-mount when at late 80s AF forced the competition to change their mounts.

Now, lots of people can start a great system..., both for photography and video/cinematography, by only adding a camera to ...the grandfather's collection of great glass, or find used for modest amount of money, what other people sell out of their grandfather's great glass collection...

I wonder if Nikon would exist today in case the F-mount was not retained....

Here is what recently came out of the closet, was serviced (calibration, cleaning, lubrication) at very affordable prices, be used for modern MF DSLR video (primarily) and additionally to the modern lenses for photography, ...especially the WAs!


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