7D after 2.0.3 - M Mode - scroll wheel no longer changes aperture

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Re: 7D after 2.0.3 - M Mode - scroll wheel no longer changes aperture

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Regardless, thanks for solving my dilemma!

Reading the user manual will also help a lot. Reading it from front to back will probably illuminate you on things you would not find out by simply using the camera. You might read things you won't need to use or understand until sometime later. SLRs are complex devices and the user manual has a lot of good info. Read it.

I'm actually fairly proficient with the 7D and photography in general (not a pro, but certainly an enthusiast). This is literally the one button I didn't know about, or think about since I never use it. The manual isn't structured in a way that I could search by: "aperture no longer selectable by scroll wheel, go to page #___" so reading the manual would have not helped (and I actually have read it, nearly completely when I first bought it years ago, and refer back to it when I have questions).

And what's even weirder: the scroll wheel even while locked allowed me to do other things, like navigate through menus and pictures. It would be one thing if all wheel function ceased when locked, I would have figured it out that something locked the wheel. But in this case using the wheel to navigate menus, scroll through pictures, etc. all worked...it only ceased to work when I tried to adjust aperture.

As you use the camera more you may start to like this "weird" feature! The LOCK is really just to safeguard one from accidentally changing on-the-fly exposure setting. Since the wheel still functions in other menu/settings, it allows you to quickly alter other more intentional changes, like go into Flash menu and changing flash setting using the wheel without having to unlock first, etc.

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