Video codec type and capture bitrate w. K-01, K-5 Mark II

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Re: Video codec type and capture bitrate w. K-01, K-5 Mark II

Francis Carver wrote:

Thank you, Russel, for the link to the review of the K-5. Although the K-5 is now only $850, I was actually looking at the K-5 Mark II, which is still priced at $1,200 on B&H. That is quite a huge upcharge, i.e. $350. I am thinking over whether the Mark II is worth the upgraded price. According to the review, the K-5 cannot do autofocusing in video even with Pentax lenses, and neither can the K-5 Mark II. But there must be some differences for the $350 price gap between K-5 & K-5II, correct?

Some info in the review is not exactly what Pentax rep told me when I called back again today. For instance, Pentax says that in Best quality 1080p25, 1GB of card will record 79 seconds of M-JPEG video , which comes to 12.46MB per second, which comes to a bitrate of 101MB/sec. So, that's pretty close to the 95Mb/sec rate I saw in the Wiki chart. Reviewer states 500-600MB/min in 1080p25 highest quality, that would come to app. 10MB/sec or 80Mb/sec. So, safe to say that the Pentax K-5 & K-5 Mark II record intraframe M-JPEG, not the interframe H.264 MPEG-4 Long GOP garbage, and do so at 80-100Mb/sec bitrate in top-notch quality. In Medium quality, the bitrate drops to 60Mbit/sec to 77Mb/sec. BTW, the M-JPEG is an intraframe and fixed bitrate codec, is it not?

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