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The filters are options in the firmware.  There are a handfull of filters.  In the filter I used in these pictures, it is obviously a blue color filter.  there are about 10 colors... I would have to pull out the camera to verify the numbers.

the filters are things I used to do in Photoshop back in 2002 but I can do it live right on the camera. Its a neat feature but I see it as just a toy.  If I am going to take serious pictures I would have taken the pictures with out any special effects and done all of that fun on the PC.

Not that I am saying anything bad about the camera or built in filters.  I am just used to taking good photos with a 35mm and scanning the negatives in as 1gb+ tif files and go to town.  Everything is just way differnt now, and I am not complaining. Its way easier now and better then it was back then, its just going to take me some time to get used to the new toys I have to work with.  My real photo fun ended around 1999 as I lost my access to a photo lab and enlarger.  I had a lot of fun manually devoloping negatives and exposing photo paper to bring out my photos.  Moving to a pc and scanner was my attempt to replace the lost tools I had at the time.  But as computers didnt have the power and I lost a lot of creative options I slowly lost interest.  I still have my old Nikon and lens somewhere...

If I can find a few of my old photos I manually created, I will be sure to scan/upload them.

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