Too many "gear heads" and not enough photographers here.

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A little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing to some people

NeilJones wrote:

I wish we could get back to having more photographers in this forum as a-posed to mainly the gear heads here.

No one appreciates art anymore.

Its such a shame.

thoughts anyone?

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Shoot like it's your last day..

First, I have to agree with the majority and agree that this IS a gear forum.  But on some levels I think I agree with you.

Secondly, a large number of posts are by self acclaimed and self-important so called "professionals".  These people have more opinions than brains and really contribute very very little to the overall knowledge based fabric.  Their facts are either constructed from thin air or exagerated bits of information they have woven into a bagpipe into which they pump their hot air.  These are not really the true "gear heads" (geeks).  They like to hear themselves talk.  They like to argue.  They can't stand to see someone else's opinion discussed with sober sincerity so they adopt the thread or topic and watch it like a hawk, ready to counter every post.  True gear heads with pertinent information and encouragement to share often walk away from the forums disappointed but with their diginity in tact.  They move on but keep contact within small circles to keep sharing and maturing the sport.  So my point is that sure these are gear head oriented forums, but unfortunately as with the rest of the inter-web, it's prime ground for psycotics to pretend to be someone they are not.

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