What the 35 / 2 IS has done for me, and, more specifically, Canon.

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Re: What the 35 / 2 IS has done for me, and, more specifically, Canon.

Great Bustard wrote:

meland wrote:

Great Bustard wrote:

Bravo, Canon. I will "tolerate" your lag in sensor tech to get this lens (but you need to rethink your pricing of the 5D3).

I am sure they are very pleased to hear your first comment but why do they need to rethink the price of the 5DIII?

The "need" is based on my opinion that Canon will make more profit by selling the 5D3 at $2800 than they will make by selling it at $3500.

How on earth do you determine that?

I would love to see your financial analysis on this one? Or is it just on opinion alone? Do you know the costs?

Doesn't sound right to me, not for a product at this stage in it's life cycle with a healthy demand. At 2800, keeping wholesale what it is, retailer will make nothing. Lower the wholesale so the retailer makes a good margin, and Canon might be taking a loss at this stage. I don't know their costs, but I'm sure it's priced where it is for a reason. Be it to recover costs, or just send a price signal and position itself in the market.

There are other impacts too. Anyone who bought at the higher price will be furious!

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