Hate to admit it, but I have the AF issue. Going to make a case with Nikon. Any advice?

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Re: A reminder

Leonard wrote:

I was not confused - Nikon single line detectors are vertical aligned - and vertical detectors detect readable detail along a vertical line.

Yes you were then you went in a convoluted explanation where vertical meant horizontal and horizontal vertical.

> I appreciate you (as distinct from many others) do not appreciate the difference between AF readable detail on a horizontal and a vertical line

No confusion between horizontal and vertical here, sorry

> I appreciate you may not have noticed AF accuracy can fall to nil with low contrast targets - most DSLR owners quickly learn this.

Yes anybody who's used any AF camera will notice this quickly. But you Leonard is the only one who understood page 100 of the D800 manual as saying that more contrast leads to focusing errors. You and nobody else.

> While you are at it, try finding a link at dpreview showing an AF fault using a sensible for testing AF subject.

I already told you: I've tried the posted targets and they work just fine. And another reminder: you were asked several times to educate us by showing a picture of any target posted here which results in misfocus using a non-crossed AF sensor (using one that's not one of the most removed from the center: that would be cheating since your camera may need calibration just like many others. Seeing your image illustrating how the sensor fails on the target posted at dpreview would be very instructive.

But you can't. So much for all your statements about the 80 or whatever it is targets posted at dpreview which supposedly would induce misfocus.

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