E-PM2 or D5100?

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Re: G5?

homepics wrote:

To Kim,

Thanks for your responses. I follow your website and posts, and have made decisions based on your findings and opinions. I don’t use the D5100 for travel. For me, it is way too big/heavy for that. I am much, much more casual of a shooter than most on this forum. It is interesting that you do not have the shutter problem with the X lens on the GF3. Another review site published their findings and did have the problem. These conflicting reports from the experts makes things confusing.

When I travel, I prefer to have a camera in a small pouch on my belt, and I don’t want to change lenses. I am a point/shot guy on vacations ... no apologies. I don’t need much zoom, but a little is nice. I think the only compact lens that would work for me is the X lens.



Hi David,

Just to chime in to say that I was in the same predicament having recently acquired the GF3X with PZ 14-42. Kim got lucky somehow and did not experience any shutter shock with his version.

I loved the compactness of the GF3, but at FL 42mm encountered blurry images with shutter speeds from 1/30sec to 1/1600sec.

After testing two GF3's and a couple of PZ lenses with same results, I gave up and returned both cams.

There is definitely some shutter shock that causes the images to get blurry at the long end of the lens. Perhaps Kim could do some more testing and compare the results with his G5 and the electronic shutter.


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