Shakes when Nikon 24-70 is used with D800

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Re: Shakes when Nikon 24-70 is used with D800

This is a very well known issue with the D800/E cameras (snip) The problem is the mega pixel cameras (i.e., 36 mps) will just more easily show any slight defect in technique.

This is correct yet IMO a misleading statement.

Yes, indeed, the high resolution will more readily show minute camera motions. Say one moves the camera so slightly on a D800 to create a 1 pixel blur, this blur will be clearly visible at pixel level on a D800 and not so clearly on a D700 were it will a little less more than half a pixel blur.

Yet it's a misleading statement because nothing prevents the image taker from resampling a D800 image to 12 MP. If 12 MP from a D700 works for you resolution-wise, than 12 MP from a D800 after resampling down will work just as fine. You'll actually get a little more acuity after resampling 36 MP to 12 MP than starting with 12 MP for the very same camera motion blur.

A better statement would be that one should not always expect 36 MP acuity on her or his images because blur from hand holding may be a limiting factor.

> Yes, I know some folks will claim that they get perfect pictures every time when hand holding the D800/E cameras. Those folks are also called liars.

Sure but I don't know of any post claiming perfect pictures every time. So I guess there are no liars on this forum.

> To mitigate the problem, I would recommend using VR lenses and shooting at significantly higher shutter speeds than before. That should help considerably. Good luck!

Any technique which helps getting sharper images - no matter the resolution - will work: tripod and correct use thereof, monopod, better hand holding, higher shutter speed, VR, flash.

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