Fuji XPro1 + 50mm F1.2 AIS

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Re: Fuji XPro1 + 50mm F1.2 AIS

nouphotography wrote:

Here are some sample of test shot with my daughter with my Fuji XPro1 and my Nikon 50mm F1.2 ais.

I bought a chinese Nikon adaptor last week, the Kipon Nik G-FX.

This combo work amazingly well.

All the shot are at F1.2 in RAF, converted to JPEG format in camera using Astia film simulation. No edit, no sharping at all.

This lens give dreamy effect, if you are looking for sharpness, you are at the wrong place.

Note that some picture are a little overexpose because of the max shutter speed of 1/4000sec at ISO 200 (You can't shoot ISO 100 in RAF format)

The photo of the camera is done with my friend's Canon 60D.

I like them all!!! The bokeh like the others said is matter of taste....

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