Would this work to make the voting more accountable?

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Re: Would this work to make the voting more accountable?

RaptorUK wrote

The above would lead to retaliatory voting on a grand scale . . . this Forum would be littered with threads about why Fred gave Bill a 0.5 score unfairly . . . and why George is in collusion with Harry as he always gives him a 5.0 vote.

No it wouldn't.  As  the userid's associated with each entry are not shown until after the voting is over, there would not be retaliatory voting.  Maybe there would be threads directed at people asking why they voted .5 or 5 stars for a particular image, but what's the problem with that?  The discussion of that issue could be limited to the comments under the photo... and the discussion would shed some light on why someone thought an image was bad enough to vote it .5 or 1 stars or good enough to vote it 4.5 or 5 stars.

The Hosts need to see the IDs of the voters . . . no one else other than DPReview need to see them.

That would work if the hosts were conscientious and fair and unbiased.  I am not confident that that is the case.

I could easily leave a comment of "xx" . . . and that defeats the purpose of your suggestion.

No it wouldn't.  We'd all see that you voted .5 for every image except your own... or that you always vote 5 for ones from "Carlos" or whoever.  Or we could see that he always gets 7 5 star votes from the same seven users.

We need more votes not less . . . . it should be made mandatory for ALL Entrants in a Challenge to vote on the Challenge that they have entered. Also allow Hosts to see the real voters IDs, add rules about voting fairly and ban solicitation of votes . . . things would soon get very much better.

Requiring people to cast 50 votes in for every entry would result in the average number of votes for every entry in every challenge being at least 50, which would water down the sandbagging/boosting effects of the cheaters.

If all Entrants had to vote on all entries in the Challenges they have entered then the issue you think exists goes away. The real issue may be that you are voting to leniently . . . I have never awarded a 5.0 vote and very infrequently a 4.0 or 4.5

No, as long as I vote for every entry it doesn't matter how my scale ranges.  I may rate the better images "too leniently", but if I do it to all images in a challenge the effect is that the best images (IMO) get higher scores than those I conder to be good but not quite as good.  So the only problem comes in when I can't vote for my own, as in the current system.  If I objectively and fairly believe that my image should get a 3.5 and I rate other images that I think are the same quality as mine a 3.5, an then I get an overall score of 2.5 in the voting while the "equivalent quality" images get a 2.6 thanks to my vote of 3.5, I've effectively voted against myself (because I've raised the ratings of everyone except myself).  So, in order to prevent any of my own bias from affecting my voting or the results, I started voting only in challenges which I have not entered.

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