2012 Monthly Mirrorless Sales Figures in Japan (%)

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Morpho Hunter Contributing Member • Posts: 617
It's too late for Canon ..... the buying public will never take their new system seriously.

"Why" you may say ...well given the cost of buying into a mirrorless camera system ...potential "Joe Public" buyers trawl the web ....and see that (expensive as they are)  micro 4/3 lenses/cameras are easily, performance-wise, the best for that format. Canon never ever thought that mirrorless cameras would catch on (neither did Nikon... hence the awful, rushed-out, N1).  And they still think that most people are happy to hang a heavy  dslr body around their necks. I suspect the OM-D E-M5 ...a camera with a unbelievable performance, iso-wise, that has come out of the blue ...has a lot to do with the global move away from the traditional dslr . (Due credit given to Sony for providing the sensor for the E-M5)


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