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Re: A trend

Mako2011 wrote:

JHWJR wrote:

Mako: Don't be a hypercritical poop. Take a look at the first shot.

Understand but this is one of many many threads (not just the last 3) by OP with DJ type pics. I'm simply pointing out that he has a tendency to compose his shots in not the most atheistically pleasing way. It's now a trend and breaking it might be good if he's to move forward.

Actually, I would say for 3 of the pics, you didn't crop enough. The third pic I like as is, no issue with missing feet.

First pic: From the bottom, I would crop maybe at or just above the groom's knees, but not touch the dress. On the left, I would crop to near the edge of her feet/dress. On the right, I would crop near to the blue-shirt guy's elbow. I think the diagonally-dominant, anti-symmetry(?), near in-focus, far out-of-focus would give the pic added dynamism to enhance what's happening in the moment.

Second pic: I would try a crop similar to the first pic.

Fourth pic: A square-ish crop. Again, left and bottom crops near to the groom's elbow and jacket. But I think, critically, on the right, crop to include only the three ladies looking and exclude the couple leaning in towards each other.

Screw the feet.

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