The honeymoon is over

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Re: The honeymoon is over

ennemkay wrote:

Ok, I've been using new dpr forum interface for awhile now and while i think a lot of the new features--like some of the visual changes and the rating system (though i don't understand why negative ratings were removed)--are nice, i still miss many of the previous features that were removed with the new design. It's good to add new functionality, but is it necessary to also get rid of the old functionality? Here's what I miss most:

1. posting interface used to work from my mobile browsers (dolphin, opera mini, etc.)

this is gradually being fixed (it works with some, not all mobile browsers). We're working on a mobile version of the forums right now.

2. images embedded in a message used to have two levels of enlargement

3. the posting interface used to automatically linkify urls. That was more convenient than requiring extra steps to insert a link and better for mobile browsing. Going in the direction of reduced convenience is not preferable. The posting interface used to also automatically detect and properly display image urls. In fact, the latter was an innovative feature that set this forum apart from others. Also, now when you enlarge an image the rest of the page becomes darkened so you can't have the images enlarged while also continuing to read posts. I guess that's minor, but still represents of change toward reduced convenience.

We're bringing all this back.

4. ignore user function used to not be broken

It's being worked on now

I would also like to add that the sudden introduction of an entirely new interface represents a paradigm in software engineering known as "waterfall development" whereby a fully-spec'ed large system is developed and released in one long project cycle. This is widely considered to be bad practice, and an agile approach with incremental updates to the site would have saved the engineers a lot of time and effort in correcting bugs, and would have also allowed user feedback to have better influenced the direction of the redesign.

I wish that had been possible, but changing from 1998 to 2012 code was a huge task.

I like the new design, and have cited about specific things I really like about it in previous posts, and appreciate dpr's effort, though. I just wanted to share these comments.

thanks for your input!

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