LX7 - first impression - first images

Started Nov 5, 2012 | Discussions thread
Lobalobo Senior Member • Posts: 2,433
Re: LX7 - first impression - first images

Antal J wrote:

The sweet spot for the LX7 is F4 so I use that aperture value very frequently.

Not arguing with you on this, but what's your basis for the sweet spot conclusion? Trial and error? Some calculation about the optics? I was hoping to shoot wide open most of the time (because I usually prefer a fast shutter and limited depth of field and these small-sensors yield lots of depth of field) but now I wonder whether I'll be paying too high a price in image quality. On the other hand, since the camera can handle f/4 at any focal length, setting the aperture there for most shots does have an advantage in simplicity.

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