What is D300s successor and what is not

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Nikon is missing an 8fps camera for under $6000 with great AF (for birds in flight, large field action, etc...) when they used to have both the D700 and D300 (w/grip). That does serve a portion of the market. Perhaps some will make do with 6fps in other cameras, but there are those that want the speed and top of the line AF. It will be interesting to see whether Nikon cares to keep the serious action shooter who can't afford a D4.

The serious action shooter who can't afford a D4 couldn't possibly be serious. Of course such shooter could be a great photographer, taking phenomenal action shots.

So ... you think there are no serious action shooters that don't have a D4. That sounds a bit snobbish. I know a lot of serious action shooters with a D300 or D700. Both have very good AF, good fps and good sized buffers and they may just keep shooting with them for a few more years (they work quite well for action - though they aren't the latest sensor tech so they could definitely be improved).  If Nikon offers no alternative in this area, they may also be tempted by some competitive offering at some point (more lost sales for Nikon).  I'm sure you could say that the D3 or D4 has some advantages, but some people just can't justify the expense of a D3 or D4 along with everything else they need.

FYI, these same shooters tend to spend a lot of money on long glass so their total Nikon spend is a lot more than just the body.

Aren't you contradicting yourself here?

To buy a D4 and a 600 f/4 costs $6000 + $9799 = $15,799

To buy a D300 + 200-400 f/4 costs $1700 + $6750 = $8450 (this is what I shoot soccer with)

There's a very big gap between those amounts. Plus, the lens lasts essentially forever (if you take good care of it), but the bodies are refreshed much more often so the body price is even more of an issue. Just because you can one-time afford to buy a piece of long glass doesn't mean that you can also afford to buy Nikon lastest D3, D4, D5...

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