What is D300s successor and what is not

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Re: LOL, this forum is just too funny. :)

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It's incredible to me, that the top poster in this forum, apparently hates DX cameras, especially the d300 and its users. The vast majority of the posts these days, seem to always be from the haters and trolls that don't have a good thing to say about the camera or its users. What a great forum, which of course, is only to be expected from such a great site.

LMAO - "haters" and "trolls" for posting an relatively objective opinion? I especially like the term "hater" almost always used by those who can't be objective or formulate a coherent counter point.

His points are all pretty valid. The market is small as it's been eroded by both the D7000 and the D600. He also might be correct on the breadth of the lineup, many manufacturers are streamlining their offerings. We now have an entry level D3200 under 1,000, a D5200 at around 1,000, and that leaves a slot for a D7X00 in the 1,500 range................next up is the beginning of the FX lineup.

Viewed strictly from a marketing & market perspective I fail to see why they'd need or offer 4 DX models.

Nikon is missing an 8fps camera for under $6000 with great AF (for birds in flight, large field action, etc...) when they used to have both the D700 and D300 (w/grip). That does serve a portion of the market. Perhaps some will make do with 6fps in other cameras, but there are those that want the speed and top of the line AF. It will be interesting to see whether Nikon cares to keep the serious action shooter who can't afford a D4.

The serious action shooter who can't afford a D4 couldn't possibly be serious. Of course such shooter could be a great photographer, taking phenomenal action shots.

FYI, these same shooters tend to spend a lot of money on long glass so their total Nikon spend is a lot more than just the body.

Aren't you contradicting yourself here?

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