D800 mov files dont import to Premiere.

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Re: D800 mov files dont import to Premiere.

The minute Premiere refused to accept a drag and drop I went looking for another editor that was more ergonomically predictable than premier - Sony Video Vegas.

I don't have a MAC so I haven't been able to full around with Final Cut Pro.

I do have to learn Premiere's inner workings (more than drag and drop) because my next job uses it as their base line editor and its installed on their systems.

Note: Vegas required installation of Apple Quicktime in order to work with .mov files.

Note: I just ordered the D800 today, I misread the video format and after reading it uses .mov files, the excitement of my purchase has been reduced about 25 percent.

Even though this is not a problem because I use Vegas, it is a problem because .mov files just don't read well with other media managers for things like editing the properties information on the fly - I'm talking with scant experience though, I just have run into issues even dealing with .mov.  .mts files are fine, and so are .mp4 which I end up rendering to anyway.

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