HK's DigitalRev "Kai" finally likes a SONY DSLR... :) !

Started Nov 6, 2012 | Discussions thread
Shiuming Lai Senior Member • Posts: 1,129
Re: HK's DigitalRev "Kai" finally likes a SONY DSLR... :) !

lonewolf69 wrote:

Most of the reviews in the past by Kai has been tepid to negative, this is the *MOST* positive review by him or DigitalRev...

Kai is the Chinese Jeremy Clarkson and Sony is his Vauxhall Vectra. He doesn't really take himself too seriously and like Ken Rockwell thrives on controversy, which means, well, being controversial. A lot of his criticisms are pretty subjective, repetitive nonsense but it's entertainment. I find him funny. Chinaman in a flat cap with a English country accent, what's not to laugh about

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