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Re: Just people. CCC (constructive comments critique)

First, I did not judge your ethics. I explicitly wrote "Personally I find it unethical..."

I also was very cautious when phrasing the following: "...although the rules leave room for interpretation, I doubt it would be legal to post them without the consent of the pictured persons." I am not educated in legal matters, but as I read the rules, I say that one would be entering a grey zone. If the rules in Spain are different, then good for you. And you probably wouldn't face a prison sentence, more likely a fine.

Even if you take a picture "...either without the subject's knowledge or without their explicit permission..." you can contact the person afterwards and get their consent to your posting it. Taking an unposed picture does not exclude that option.

As for describing the subjects of your pictures as victims, I stand by that phrase. You did not ask their permission, they have no way of defending themselves now that their pictures are on the Internet, and at least some of the pictures are far from being flattering. I did note your humorous "unless......it is a bad photograph and makes me look fatter than I am". My point is that you do not know how these people feel about the pictures you show, because you did not ask them.

The fact that many photographers feel free to do the same, does not make it any better in my opinion. Before the Internet, pictures would only be distributed to a wider audience if a picture editor would let them see print. Now, pictures are accessible to the whole world as soon as someone posts them. This, at least to me, raises the demands for the ethics of the photographer/posters. You may not agree, but surely you can see the difference between then and now.

It was you yourself who asked for critique. I tried my best to describe to you what I felt was lacking in your pictures. I also had some remarks on your approach to photographing people. If that made you feel stupid, it was not my intention. I actually tried to talk to your intellect, but apparently I provoked your feelings instead. As you obviously feel bashed as a person, please accept my apology. I do not know you and can thus not have any qualified opinion of your person, nor did I realise how much of an impact (judging by your reaction) my comments would have.

Normally I, like you, leave posted pictures alone if they do not interest me. Consequently, I very rarely visit the Documentary and Street forum. You, however, seemed adamant on wanting a debate on candid and street photography in the Portraits and People forum, and I have given you my opinion of your version of it.

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