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Re: So Neil Jones...

NeilJones wrote:

Meganrogers wrote:

Flashlight wrote:

xrdbear wrote:

NeilJones wrote:

theNeverKings wrote:

NeilJones wrote:

its a cd dude. Not a tape silly!

oh, I use mp3's 99% of the time. I have 43,000.

Wow, that's a lot of investment.

Good one

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How much does it cost to license the 43,000 mp3's or do DJ's just download them illegally?

I've been a DJ for over 22 years. Thousands of CDs converted to mp3's. Why do you assume I stole them? on top of all the other names you call me for posting photos on a photography site, I'm also a thief?

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Shoot like it's your last day..

No Neil, I'm sure you're not a thief.

It just seems so staggering.  Let's say you get 5 good songs from each CD (probably less?), that's about 8,600 CD's....over 22 years means 390 per year or about 33 per month or roughly one CD per day for the last 22 years.  Do you get a discount because the CD's I buy are expensive!

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