D7000 vs D5200

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Re: It's not cheaper in this neck of the woods

Reilly Diefenbach wrote:

I'm not aware of anywhere in the English speaking world in which the term "Jap" is even remotely acceptable, even Ireland. Your tone was decidedly racist. I think you owe this board an apology.


From your own link -

..............although English-speaking countries differ in the degree to which they consider the term offensive............

Save the "we are the arbiters of correctness" crap. First if you're in the US we have ZERO room to talk to anyone - few countries still engage in our level of "nation building". Second while PC is the norm here elsewhere it's laughable. Third you'll note this is still a UK site.....some censored words are quite polite here = different parts of the world (you'll note crap is allowed, often not in US sites).

Back to the D5200

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