It's not about the gear! Portrait/wedding shooting with 4/3, YES WE CAN!

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Brian Steele wrote:

Pman120 wrote:

Dear Jkrumm! Thanks for the compliment! However your analysis is not exactly correct! Almost all of them are either with the Pana Leica 25 F1.4 or either the 50mm F2. All are shot with the light available. No flash was used or whatsoever!

I've been looking at that PL 25 1.4 for some time now. I've got the 12-60, also a great lens which will do 25mm, but at F 3.4. I've been wondering if it's worth it to spend the $900 or so to get the PL 25 1.4 for the extra stops...

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Dear Brian,

We also have the 14-54 which will do 25mm perfectly, however both my brother and me have the 25mm and it's just a pleasure to use! It's fully usable at 1.4 which gives a serious advantage over the 14-54. I would definitely recommend buying the lens! It has a beautiful way of rendering bokeh, and is super sharp! The autofocus is fast, and 99% of the time spot on! It has only one drawback: cost. For me: if you are a serious 4/3 shooter, you need one, next to your 50mm!

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