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Re: D800 - Any happy users out there?

trino wrote:

Hi all,

I'm looking for a new FX body, and i narrowed down my choices to either a used D700 or a D800. The main reason why i'm excluding the D600 is simply ergonomics: I tried the 3 at a local store and my big hands felt much happier with D700/D800 over a D600 (i'm sure it's an excellent camera otherwise).

Anyways, reading through many posts here (and on other sites) one feels that pretty much every D800 user is having issues with focusing (left, right, or both), LCD blackouts, etc.. etc...

If we learn anything from history is that it repeats itself after every new product release, and a subset of users get some problems and get vocal about it, but i'm hoping there are many many more users that are perfectly happy with their D800s and are busy taking pictures out there and just enjoy it ??? If you're one of those please reply to this thread.

Another thing, for people that went from a D700 to a D800 - what's your impression? does the D800 feel slower, less responsive (operation-wise) or is it as snappy? was it worth the upgrade?

There is no doubt that the D700 was/is a superb camera, but for me, the D800 completely blows it out of the water. The main advantage is ​versatility, and this is ​because​ of the huge resolution advantage but also the excellent high ISO ability and DR. SHoot at ISO6400 with complete ease!

I have had the D800 for over 6 months and I have never been so impressed with a camera or it's results as I have been with the D800. However, I will admit, the last time I was this enthralled with a camera was when I purchased the D700 in May 2010.

The D800 has re-invigorated my photography and in just over 6 months, I have taken 15,000 images which is probably twice what I would normally take. Part of that is that the D800 is two cameras in one, a FX camera and a DX camera, where I would have been using both a D7000 for reach for my birding photos and a D700 for everything else, I now use the D800 for everything and it surpasses both the other cameras in every department.

I couldn't be happier!

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