a99: The All Souls Procession

Started Nov 5, 2012 | Discussions thread
Robsphoto Senior Member • Posts: 1,219
High ISO images: Quality of Sony A99 vs Sony A77

Hi Steve, I am very impressed with these images. I see that you also own a Sony A77 and I am interested to know whether you think the quality of the A99 high ISO images is a great deal better than the comparable A77 images would be?

In New Zealand, the A99 costs a hefty $4,000 in comparison with about $2,000 for the A77, but if the image quality is a great deal better (particularly for high ISO situations), it could be well worthwhile purchasing the A99 (I currently own the A900 and A55).

However, the A99 doesn't have built-in flash, so do you think it's worthwhile purchasing an external flash unit, considering that the high ISO images of the A99 look so good?

Thanks for your help.



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