Sizes of Equipment boxes

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Re: Sizes of Equipment boxes

Dickerson wrote:

I have just been told by ebay that (subject to higher approval) that they have found the case in my favor. It is a releif to know that the ebay system has worked properly for me. I should be refunded in full, although there is no way of compensating for the time effort I put in to collecting evidence to make my case and the worry that it has all caused.

For those interested, the evidence I collected was as follows:

* I made photos of the package shortly after it had been delivered.

* I obtained a copy of the carrier consignment details, this had the independently recorded weight.

* I made a small video of me weighing the contents of the parcel to show that the contents equaled the weight as sent.

* I produced a spreadsheet of weights of the items I received, the equipment without the OEM packaging (the seller suggested the boxes were not in the parcel, despite telling me before bidding that they would be included) and the weight with equipment and OEM packaging. This demonstrated that the best explanation for the contents based on the weights was what I received (rucksack and a 5 litre bottle of water).

* Made a police report and obtained a authenticated copy of this.

All this evidence was loaded onto DropBox and the link included in my response to the resolution centre. Of course I have no way of knowing if ebay actually looked at any of this evidence.

This experience has shaken my trust in ebay. My heart says stay away from ebay but my head says I was just unlucky. I have decided to 'get back on the horse' and sell some items, but I'm not sure about buying expensive things any more.

I now have to decide if should push for a criminal investigation and have all the hassle associated with that. I'm not sure that the police will take such a 'monor' crime seriously anyway.

Thanks to all those that helped me with info.

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So, now you've got a result, could you please help us all to avoid this seller, by at least giving us their eBay name?

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