Not seen a NEX 6 vs. NEX 7 thread for while...

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Re: Not seen a NEX 6 vs. NEX 7 thread for while...

Elyharbour wrote:

What I need to know is when going into the shop in the next week or so, what are the key differences I need to look at to make a decision which is better for me? It's easy to get lost in the comparison when in front of the counter, time is short and there are lots of distractions.

Well, some of the most significant differences are spec sheet differences (most notably the sensor).

Beyond that, there's tri-navi versus PASM dial and Quick Navi.  And the price.

And then you have the PDAF sensors (good luck trying to figure out if there's a significant difference from an in-store trial - I didn't notice anything).  And "Apps".

Really I don't think it should be a tough decision for most.  They're pretty similar overall with a very few significant differences.  I'd opt for the '6' in a heartbeat based on what I've written above.  Some would choose the '7' based solely on the sensor or tri-navi.

- Dennis

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