Car/Dog/Sunset pics... C&C please!

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tedolf wrote:

skpman wrote:

tedolf wrote:

contrast (needs a reflector) making black car look underexposed, and composition is poor. Dog photo is overexposed-use spot meter. Last photo is just boring. Advice-read some books on basic composition for photography. Tedolph

Can you please suggest some books? Thank you!

any specific books for car photograhy but look at the car magazines for ideas about composition, angle of view and point of view. If you have an ugly grey sky like in your shots you need to hide it with point of view (e.g. put car under tree and shoot up into canopy, fill the frame with the car, etc.-this will also reduce contrast). As for general books about composition-the best were written by Kodak during the auto point-n-shoot fillm era. Those cameras had one focal lenght, auto-exposure and auto focus. The only think the photographre could control was composition! Kodak's Pocket Guide to Point and Shoot Cameras rings a bell. You should be able to find a copy at thrift stores that have a book section. Good luck. Tedolph

I'll definitely look into that book. Thank you for the advice and suggestions!

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