E-M5 flare problems with Pany 7-14mm

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Re: E-M5 flare problems with Pany 7-14mm

Anders W wrote:

Anders W wrote:

Results? When I held the E-M5 so that the light arrived at the sensor at a very sharp angle, I got a very intense magenta cast which then gradually disappeared as I changed the angle of incidence more and more towards 90 degrees. When I did the same thing with the G1, I could identify the same pattern. However, the magenta cast at the starting point was in this case far, far less pronounced than with the E-M5.

An update to my previous post: When I repeated the experiment with WB set to tungsten rather than auto, I got a very intense purple (more blueish than magenta) cast at the starting point at a sharp angle (where the mount still shades part of the sensor) when I tried it with the E-M5 whereas there was no perceptible cast at all with the G1.

I'm just getting round to testing a few theories (I saw your posts in the other thread), and am wondering how microlenses might affect the flare.

However, When I looked at the original image I posted at the top of this thread and other similar images, I found that the flare lies always along (halfway, I think) a line jointing the optical centre (i.e. middle of frame) to the light source.

Now, the arrangement of microlenses (I know nothing about these) is presumably rectilinear, so I'd expect a difference between the type of flare on a diagonal compared with vertical or horizonal line. I'm trying to set up a simple set of tests.

Any thoughts?   Was this along the lines you were thinking?


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