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Re: Do you like the abuse?

oklaphotog wrote:

pajarrett wrote:

Neil, I am not going to throw any rocks at your photos, but do you really like all the negative comments? Is it you just like to stir the pot, or do you have a point you wish to make?

Nah it just seems people get stains in their fanboy underoo's because Neil posts photos. Some people just can't handle anything but tech talk, or they're upset that Neil out shoots them with his average images. There are plenty of people that appreciate Neil's postings. They may not even fully like his images, but the fact that he does post images is a good thing.

I for one love Neil's postings, because photo forums should have photographs, good or otherwise.They also make me smile during the day when I get to read people with stained fanboy underoo's getting so upset over the silliest things like posting a photograph. Why do people have to be so high and mighty? Holier than thou snobbery has more than taken it's toll in many forums here. Neil may now be to the point of trolling, but it's a good troll. And plenty of people do like his photos, as I see them reply about them.

The fact is he captured good expression and that is what matters to almost all of these clients. They don't care about the absolute perfect composition, exposure etc... They care about what their face looks like and if the post processing is trendy. I'd say for a DJ he did ok for what his industry has evolved into. The days of perfectionism in wedding photography is gone. The industry is dominated by modern artsy PP on one end, and noobs with digital rebels and little nikons on the other end that charge $300 for a wedding.

Example, look here:

I'm sure you can pick out all sorts of flaws in technique and post processing on the shots here. But they have been voted as top wedding photographers in the US and make a killing doing it, much more than anyone in this forum most likely.

As much as you hate Neils work, it is better than some of what you'll find here, and a lot of these people make good money:

So true. What half the people on here don't get it that exactly. Most people are not interested in some tour de force photographer trying out lots of random compositions and bokeh, they simply want pictures where they look amazing with a smile or a thoughtful expression on their face.

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