Next lens purchase....35mm 1.8g?

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Re: Next lens purchase....35mm 1.8g?

jjm1181 wrote:

The question though is that still close to my 50mm 1.8g? I think I'm more in the market for a wider lens as opposed to a telephoto lens. With that being said, would it make sense for me to go for a tonikina 11-16 or stick with the Nikon 28mm? I like having the nikon lenses because I know that they are high quality...

Any advice?

Take a look at the Nikon interactive lens simulator.  Make sure to select 'FX Format' for both 'lens' and 'body' then use the slider to see different focal lengths.

Rather than shopping for a new focal length / lens without really knowing why, or what you want, my suggestion to you would be to look at the new 24-85 zoom and then figure out over time where you want to take your photography.  Use the zoom to experiment and then figure out what needs aren't being met.  Investing in Nikon glass is a good idea in general as it usually has higher resale value than third parties.  Keeping that in mind as you experiment with the 24-85 you can figure out if you need...

  • Prime(s) for thin depth of field
  • Prime(s) for low light
  • Prime(s) of preferred focal lengths over a zoom
  • Longer telephoto needs
  • Even wider shooting with an ultrawide
  • a higher quality standard zoom

... and so on.

Regarding the Tokina 11-16, that's a DX lens and wouldn't be appropriate for a FX body like the D600.  Regarding ultrawide lenses in general make sure you understand they're not for 'fitting more things into the frame'.  If you look at any good ultrawide shots they have good compositions containing elements up close, mid-way, and at distance.  With ultrawides you're typically shooting something close and likely low to the ground as well for landscapes.

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