D3x verses D800

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Re: D3x verses D800

sylvain denis wrote:

so the D800 and D3x are the same image quality at 1000 iso?

I don't need more the 1000iso

Someone mentioned that focusing is not great on the D800, to many megapixel.

I use both the 3x and the 800E.  Personally, I wouldn't use the D3x over ISO 800, but that is a subjective call.  On the other hand, I believe that nothing beats the D3x IQ at base ISO.

Re: DR.  I think it's a wash.  You might squeeze out a little more DR from the 800, but there's so much to begin with on both cameras, the slight difference has never been an issue for me.

On the other hand, when extracting high DR images, the D3x holds much more accurate colors.  I find that the 800e introduces slight but unusual color when using a lot of DR.

The other observation is that the D800e doesn't seem like it will last very long.  The plastic pieces seem very flimsy.  The flash above the prism wiggles around and doesn't seat very well, and I'm waiting for the battery door to fall off any day.  Luckily the battery is held in with a retaining clip, so one probably does not need the battery door.  If there are any clouds in the sky I'm using the 3x anyhow.

The D3 and D4 cameras, on the other hand, will probably outlive me.


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