Why are ND filters very important

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Re: Why are ND filters very important

"If the light level is too high, increasing the shutter speed will allow less light through."

I would counter that point by saying that with regard to fireworks, a much better way to cut the light is to first close the aperture to whatever minimum is appropriate for a specific camera, and then add nd's and/or a polarizer to get to the point of a proper exposure.

Another point is that all bursts are not created equal. Meaning that one set of camera settings will not work for every burst in a display. My personal preference is to set up for the brighter bursts. It is much easier to 'rescue' an under exposed burst than it is to deal with an overexposed one. Once the highlights are blown out, they are generally gone for good.

There usually is nowhere near as much white in a display as is show in many fireworks photos. Not to say that they aren't interesting captures, just that a lot of them are overexposed.

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