Nikon UK Repair: Some Advice To Share

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Re: Nikon UK Repair: Some Advice To Share

GMack wrote:

Any chance they sent you back someone else's lens? Serials match?

I'd expect them to back up their tech. Maybe never even spoke to them and just quoted you a repair price to fix it. Seems almost the norm now for Nikon's customer service (Nikon UK taking lessons from Nikon USA maybe as a new "Return on Investment" policy game? i.e. "What's a warranty?").

Check it out and make sure the focus is tracking at the near and far without a lot of discrepancy between them. If not, kick it back to them for that. If it is okay, maybe just touch it up with a Sharpie pen and call it "Good 'nuff" since they may do even more damage the second time around, along with "Something you must have done to it too" and a new quote to fix that as well.

I agree with the other that a pic of it prior to them getting it might not be bad idea now, even though they may still deny it too.

Good luck.


Unfortunately, they sent me back my own lens.

I've not tried the lens out yet, but I will ASAP.

Thank you.

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