Anyone planning to migrate to Windows 8 on a desktop or notebook/laptop

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Re: To anyone planning to move to Win8

Jeff Peterman wrote:

- With Win8, I first looked at All Programs. It showed page after page of programs, including two full screens of nothing but language files for one programs. After several minutes browsing for the application I gave up. I then tried the search tool. Searching on "Scanner" or "Epson" didn't show the tool. In the end, I went to the Desktop, opened Windows Explorer, and manually searched through the Programs folder on my boot drive until I found the program, which happened to be called escanassist.

In these sorts of situations (yes, I have ancient and obscure Windows programs that I still use), if the programs really don't show up on the Start screen, then:

1) Track them down, as you did with Windows Explorer. Let's use escanassist.exe as the example...

2) Right-click on the program, and choose "Create shortcut". You'll get a dialog asking if you want to create the shortcut on the Desktop, say yes.

3) You'll find the Shortcut has now also been added to the Start Screen. You can move it up in the list of programs by dragging and dropping it to reposition it. You can also right-click to add it to the Desktop TaskBar.

4) If you don't like the name of the Shortcut, you can always right-click on the Shortcut icon on the Desktop and rename it to whatever you want.

So, for your example, I would simply create a Shortcut to escanassist.exe, and rename it to "Epson Scan Assist". Then I would have an easy-to-use icon on my Desktop, my Start screen, and, optionally, on my TaskBar. All within easy reach.

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