Jewellery Pix - blurry results: change lens (get a macro?), camera (get a D7000?), strobe or else?

Started Nov 3, 2012 | Questions thread
astralux Regular Member • Posts: 187

Toss the light tent. It destroys contrast in your images and give your the flat look that you are getting now. Jewelry is all about light and contrast so make some refllectors out of white paper, tin foil and black cardboard and experiment with placement of these to get the highlights and shadows where you want them. Moving a small reflector as little as 2 mm can make all the difference.

You can get some ideas here Koloskov does some basic jewelry photography and has some video tutorials to get you started. Just beware of not getting into the habit of shooting with the idea that flaws can be fixed in PS afterwards. Rather shoot it as close to what you want as your end product and use PS as a last step.

Have a lot of fun, jewelry photography can be very challenging but also rewarding!

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