Question: why people buy high end cameras for snapshots?

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Re: Question: why people buy high end cameras for snapshots?

Stv wrote:

IMHO, I think the OP takes his craft very seriously and is committed to getting the best from himself, his gear and from his forum.

I also think he may be a little confused by this forum or any other forums MO, as I have been at times in the past, e.i., How this forum is preoccupied with Talking the Talk, but very few are doing the Walk, at least from an image posting perspective. Everyone is talking a good camera, but fewer are posting the results of these heated debates or dead-ended-machinations, in my book.


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True, but that opens the door to a debate of what this forum is about, and that is Sony cameras. While I love photography and looking at photos, confining my view of photography to just Sony is imo not the best use of my time. So, if I want to discuss photography in general I head over to forums that are brand agnostic. On the other hand, I come here to talk about equipment and look at the photos from a distinct angle of how Sony cameras using A-Mount optics capture images. In that regard, I am more than happy to look at the so called "snapshots" the OP denigrates because I am far less concerned about composition here than I am about how a certain lens renders an image.

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