Nikon flash sb 400 or sb 700 for a newbie with a d600?

Started Oct 22, 2012 | Questions thread
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Re: Nikon flash sb 400 or sb 700 for a newbie with a d600?

John E Fox wrote:

Depends on how you have set the commander mode on the D600, code e3

Set the built in flash to mode -- ( turning the built in flash off )

set Group A to TTL (assuming the SB700 is group A)

Then the D600 will apear to fire but it's only a trigger signal to the external flash. The amount of light will be too weak to add to the picture, ( try and ignore it ).

You can have both the built in flash and the external working at the same time. You can turn the built in power down to act as a 'fill in' for the main SB700 or visa versa by altering the Comp value.

Hope I have explained it OK.

you explained it well.  I think i"m getting caught up in the trigger signal.  To turn the fill in flash all the way down, I would dial it down in the direction of 1/128...correct?

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