The fz 200s perfect video abilities

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Re: The fz 200s perfect video abilities

BobK77 wrote:

Can you really use 1/30 to shooting 60p? Nice to know. Will try as soon as I can.

Yes, in Creative Video, shutter preferred mode, the FZ200 will allow shutter speeds of 1/30 and faster. You can select an ISO manually (up-arrow on wheel), in which case the FZ200 will adjust exposure by varying the f-stop, or you can leave the ISO on Auto, which will leave the lens at f2.8. Unless you want a lot of bokeh, it is probably best to fix the ISO and let your lens stop down to the F4-F5.6 range.

When you use 1/30 then each pair of frames in your output video are identical. Most editors can decimate them (and halve the data rate) but the video will play well without any processing.

Also I do lacrosse videos. Youth games usually happen at mid days with LOTS of light.
Even if ISO stais to 100 and appeture closed all the way to 8 - shatter stays 1/120 and higher and video does not look smouth. Any suggestion?

I carry a Neutral Density filter (ND8) with me to use when outdoors. The old LX5 was a killer in sunshine, as it only went down to ISO400, which washed out all the time. That's why the LX7 has an inbuilt ND filter

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