Early congratulations to you Obama supporters....

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Re: My wife and I just voted and the turnout is very heavy...

NuFonaut wrote:

Simon Gallup wrote:

Don_D wrote:

...according to what I've read this is supposed to favor the Democrats.

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Hardly any rain across the country.... or more importantly urban areas.... this also is good for the Democrats. Blacks have a statistical history of voting in smaller numbers when raining.

(except when one of the Presidential candidates is black... record numbers last election).

Classical old male bible belt white trash post.

And yes i´m white, thanks for asking.

Not asking, and don't care who or what you are.

I am a young white male, so I'm not familiar with your old, white trash, male, "classical" posts.

Simply statistical facts.

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What´s that noise? From one of the Canon Forums: 'I just came back from my first holiday with the 5D II (I think my wife was there as well). '

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