Question about the HS30EXR and external flash units

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Re: Question about the HS30EXR and external flash units

Don't know about Nikon compatiblity, but I own both the EF20 and EF42 Fuji flashes for my X10 and XS-1.  They work seamlessly on those two, the X's (and I'd guess the HS as well) get great results with these.  Both can adjust the flash strength onboard without going into the camera menus if you'd rather go that way.  And you add some height with these, helpful in not getting a shadow from that big lens assembly (though I still do at 24mm on the XS if I leave the shade on).

I run rechargeable NiMH AA's, way better for me than buying endless AA's (why I didn't change over sooner I'll never know...), and recycle faster.

The 20 is like a bigger version of the built in flash, and is much nicer with the bounce head.  Not enough steam for big photos as low ISO's, but small and handy.

The 42 is a big rig.  Lots of horsepower.  Zoom head (follows the lens out to 105mm).  The bounce head swivels as well, so you can still get bounce when you throw the camera up on one end for vertical framing.  Virtually instant recycling at close range/lower outputs with the NiMH's.

I got both of mine barely used in online classifieds and $aved over new prices.

I really like Paul's idea of using third party flashes that will take their cue from the onboard to trip wirelessly.  I was wondering how to assemble off-camera flash, and this is a really easy way to do it.

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