Do you ever see someone that you want to "advise"?

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scorrpio Veteran Member • Posts: 3,595
Re: Do you ever see someone that you want to "advise"?

phill104 wrote:

..I was at a firework display..... holding onto the column of the tripod whilst taking 1 second + shots.

Was the guy shooting fireworks?   If so, you might have realized that fireworks at 1 second +  shutter will have a helluva motion blur.   So much so that a wee bit of tripod shaking would only enhance the overall effect.   I suspect the guy knew exactly what he was doing.   Probably he wasn't even cold.

One thing I noticed is that people who can just dump $8k on a bunch of gear they don't have a clue about using, tend to be very particular about their creature comforts.  In other words, someone with that kind of throwaway income is usually not to be found shivering from cold in a crowd next to kids and their full-of-advice parents.

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