Next lens purchase....35mm 1.8g?

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Re: Next lens purchase....35mm 1.8g?

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No, because it is a DX lens. Why don't you get something a bit furter removed from your 50mm lens anyway? You mentioned wide angle and I think that's where I'd look. I have not used the 28mm f1.8 but I'd think that might suit you. Would your budget stretch to a used 17~35mm f2.8 or a 16~35mm VR ?

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After doing a little more research I think that I should probably get another lens further away from the 35mm 1.8g.

My current budget is around $250. I could hold off until around x-mas and maybe double that with gift cards, etc.

So if I could get a $500 budget for an ultra-wide lens, should I shoot for a tokina or sigma? The nikons look to be completely out of my price range.

Or do I go the other route and save up for a decent telephoto lens. The new 70 - 200 f4 looks good, but also a little pricey for me.

I know it's a personal preference question, but your opinions are greatly appreciated. THANKS.

How about Samyang 35mm F1.4 for around $500.00 US? It gets a lot of praises if you don't mind to manually focus.


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Keep shooting

I am somewhat scared of a manual focus at this point.  I'd be too worried that I'd miss too many shots.  I'm still a newbie and I already miss a ton of shots as it is.  BUT I'm willing to do the research on the lens if it's really that good and in my price range.

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