Nikon flash sb 400 or sb 700 for a newbie with a d600?

Started Oct 22, 2012 | Questions thread
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Re: Nikon flash sb 400 or sb 700 for a newbie with a d600?

Steve9 wrote:

Go for the SB-700. I love the 2 little dedicated slider switches for mode (TTL, M or GN) and the beam width selector. The selector wheel is pretty cool too. Makes it easy to navigate menus or change flash power. Whatever you do, make sure you learn how to use your speedlight with the CLS built into the D600. My only gripe with the CLS is the optical window on the speedlight needs to "see" the trigger flash which is usually just the pop-up flash set to CMD mode (custom setting e3). THe SB-700 also supports FP (focal plane) sync, which means you can use your flash at shutter speeds faster than 1/250. Yes, you lose a lot of power when you use FP sync, but it's a great option that some of the older speedlights don't have. Also, when you do get your flash off the camera - make sure it's properly attached to something or otherwise strapped down to something secure.

Thanks for the feedback.  I went ahead and purchased the SB-700 and like it very much.  My only question is how do I prevent the built-in flash from firing and only having the SB-700 fire when it's remote?  I researched online and found the only solution is a piece of plastic that sits on the camera and covers the flash.  Is this my only option?

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