Backup CF cards with no computer

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Re: Backup CF cards with no computer

MichaelRose wrote:

I've been using an older 80GB model of the Wolverine PicPac - The Perfect Companion to any Digital Camera and Camcorder.

They now come in 250GB, 320GB, & 500GB sizes, priced at $139, $159, & $169 respectively with an instant coupon.

I can backup an 8GB CF card to mine twice before it's battery needs to be re-charged.
(They claim 15GB / charge on the new ones.)

There are other options-- I think this is still viable.

B&H has the 160GB model not offered by Wolverine?, that's just under $120.

Their prices and Wolverine's (above) on the other drives are almost identical!

I bought mine from directly from Wolverine, but it is, your money...

You do have a charger with this solution, but its small, light weight, and works great!

Same here, they're cheap & work well...............with some oddities. For example you can't plug it into AC power & then start copying - you need to start copying & then plug it into AC.

Battery life is short, don't expect to go too long w/o charging - a couple of cards at best.

It ain't the fastest, even with quick cards.

If you leave it unattended it will time out & turn off = you miss the complete message, one must assume it was successful.

Minor quibbles - use as directed & it works's cheap!

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