XE-1 35mm kit or 18-55mm Kit?

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Re: XE-1 35mm kit or 18-55mm Kit?

viking79 wrote:

adubg wrote:

pfillion wrote:

Get both lens

The 35mm for the Bokeh and the 18-55mm for the speed.

From what I saw so far, the bokeh of the 18-55mm is not that bad.

Look here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/25805910@N05/8145310537/sizes/l/in/photostream/

Yes, both are good lenses, but I am only going to choose one...which one and why?

If you don't know which one you need, get the 18-55 mm.

More detail. The 35 mm f/1.4 is a large aperture lens, it offers f/1.4, which is about 3 f/stops larger aperture at the same setting as the 18-55 mm. The downside of course is you only have 35 mm. This is a standard/tight standard field of view. You don't have wide angles and you don't have telephoto.

The 18-55 mm gives you a much wider range of fields of view and faster focusing, but won't be able to get the shutter speed very high in low light. OIS will help you for non moving subjects, but if you want faster shutter speeds in low light you need a larger aperture lens.

The other use for the 35 mm is the larger aperture will give you shallower depth of field. The bokeh of the 35 mm is pretty busy at f/1.4, but improves quickly on stopping down. Also, if you keep the background simple at f/1.4 and looks good. I haven't looked at bokeh for the 18-55 yet, but the fact that you can't get as large of an aperture means you can't blur the background as much.


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I agree with Viking79 - get the 18-55 if you're not sure. Looks like a nice balance of IQ and convenience.

I intend to get the camera with the 18-55 (to get the nice discount as a kit) and then pick up the 35mm separately (or possibly get the xPro with both lenses on the free lens deal here in the UK).

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