Can someone explain what the new zooms are for?

Started Nov 6, 2012 | Discussions thread
Bailey151 Senior Member • Posts: 1,144
Re: Can someone explain what the new zooms are for?

jonikon wrote:

I agree. These small variable apertures zooms don't make much sense to me either. Nikon hobbled their DX format zoom lenses the same way, (with the one exception of the 17-55 f2.8 of course). I was hoping Nikon wouldn't hobble the Nikon 1 systems cameras with these small variable aperture zooms, but apparently my hope was misplaced

. I would like to see a 10-30 f2.8 VR and a 10-50 f4 VR, but I doubt it will happen anytime soon, if at all.

Haven't done it for DX, I see little hope for CX. Same lament, it would be real nice to have walkaround lens in F4 (18-105)...............nothing, nada, zip.

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