The fz 200s perfect video abilities

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Re: Must Agree with Stephen

Not really sure what you’re trying to demonstrate, BobK77. I click a link to a video from the FZ150 that I believe is just 17 seconds long. I cannot watch the video beyond 2-second intervals because of buffering or some other problems with the feed.

Even if I could watch it, 17 seconds would tell me very little. Please feel free to post another one of your own FZ150 efforts that runs for much longer and doesn’t buffer. If possible, include numerous unedited scenes where you zoom in and out and in some cases are panning whilst attempting to keep up with a subject the size of a domestic cat or smaller that’s at least walking briskly. Do this in whatever amount of good available light you can muster and I guarantee your FZ150 video autofocus will hunt. Apologies but I don’t have the time to click the other link you supplied at the moment, or to post further comments. But if you give a more prolonged demo as suggested, I’ll try and pop back if I think the subject warrants more debate sometime later in the week. If not, I’ll leave things with you here, thanks.

All the best and regards

Stevie Boy

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