Linux raw converter problem on a57 raws

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Re: Linux raw converter problem on a57 raws

DutchMM wrote:

First of all, if you want to work on your photos in a linux system, you will need colour management. You can get this with Ubuntu 12.04 and its derivatives including Linux Mint Maya. PM me if you would like help with this as it doesn't relate to Sony gear.

Next, I have found that Sony's Image Data Converter software works reasonably well under WINE. It came with your camera, so there should be no extra cost for you, A word of caution, however, because opinions are divided on whether IDC is a non-destructive editor; that is, whether you can always revert to the data as you originally captured it on your A57.

In the end, in a three way fight between IDC, the then current DxO Optics version (running in a Windows XP guest) and Bibble, I chose to buy Bibble, which is now AftershotPro from Corel. You get a month's trial for nothing, and there is a version in beta at the moment that definitely supports the A57.

You can check out my gallery (I think! Otherwise PM me and I shall send you a link to my flickr photos) to see what kind of results aftershot can produce.


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Thanks for all your input. I checked a few of the "built-in" apps of Aperture Linux with my A700 raw files and they worked fine. So it's just that the a57 raw is too new for this Linux.

None of the built-in apps were able to connect to my camera and remote-control it via USB connection either, so I didn't find anything in there that would give me something I don't already have.

Generally I'm familiar with Linux and have Ubuntu 12.10 myself, so I'll just go back to that, and use its up-to-date applications to deal with my files.

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